Three Centre Squares

Design for the 3 principal squares of the city

The issue

The city of Ede is improving and enlarging its town centre. Tail-piece of the operation is the renewal of its 3 main squares: the market square, church square and town hall square.

Our statement

The 3 squares represent the economic, religious and political heart of the city. Their design should not only make them important public meeting places, but also connect the centre to its cultural roots, in history and the landscape.

Our solution

The city evolved out of a village with a strong connection to the landscape. The 3 squares are designed as a sequence of spaces on the natural slope: from stony and urban at the bottom, rising to soft and part of the landscape. Every square is composed around their typical centre program, with its own atmosphere and triggers for community use. The market and town hall square are positioned along the town centres ring-road. They are also made into centre entrances, inviting passers-by to stop and enjoy the centre.

Client: City of Ede
Location: Ede, The Netherlands
Area: 2.7 ha. (1.0 / 0.5 / 1.2 ha.)
Year: 2002-2008
Status: Competition winner, Constructed
Budget: € 5.9 million
Partners: OKRA landscape architects, Auke de Vries (artist)








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