Afrikaander Square

The issue

The park suffers from vandalism, pollution and unsafety. Private used areas are all fenced off, leaving the park heavily fragmented. Nobody feels responsible for the left over public space. Now there is budget for a partial renovation.

Our statement

The central focus of this park should be free green space for everybody to use and open to the whole neighbourhood. Fixed uses gather around this free space.

Our solution

Despite the tight schedule, we decide to make a master plan first, to determine with the whole community the aims for the park. Decided is that all vulnerable functions need to be fenced off. We gather them in one, specially designed fence. This fence opens up over tens of meters on all sides. In- and outside flow into each other when the park is open. For the public part we design a strong framework, of a meadow surrounded by low flowering planting and a walk-around, all with many triggers to play, sit and meet.

Client: Sub-Council Feijenoord, with City of Rotterdam
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Area: 5.7 ha.
Year: 1999-2005
Status: Constructed
Budget: € 8.1 million (w/o market)
Partners: OKRA landscape architects


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Afrikaander Square_Project Documentation

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