wOnder is:

• innovative

Every plan is entitled to the best solution. Standard is not good enough.

• curious

We are open-minded people, eager to comprehend each situation and point of view.

• cooperative

Plans you make together, together we can be genius.

• engaged

We plan and design your environment. That brings great responsibilities.


And a bit more elaborated:


Places differ from each other, issues are unalike, communities vary, developments change. For every project we create an inventive, fresh solution. Starting with an innovative, convincing concept. Elaborating that to a realistic, rich and detailed plan. This quest for the best and chance to make something special is a main drive for us.


Every project is an exciting voyage of discovery. We observe, listen, question, investigate and analyse with a keen eye. This is the key to insight and the path to develop a well-suited plan. We do this in an open, informal atmosphere, not afraid to challenge, though always with respect and integrity.


Two know more than one. Everybody understands that… We act on it. We believe that every party in a design process has its strength and knowledge: client, community, consultants, all. We enjoy cooperating. We design our planning processes to use everybody’s expertise at the right time. With clear times for interactive dialogue, research and design, reflection and decision-making.


Planning and design is our passion. We feel it is our duty and responsibility to contribute to a sustainable, flexible and beautiful environment. Places and processes that give people space for personal development and experience. We just love it when our work makes people happy.


Interactive planning & design

One of the methods we often work with is the scenario game. This unique community participation method to bring together community (users), politicians (decision makers), developers and civil servants (executors and maintainers). The method is developed since 1999 by wOnder founder Hans Oerlemans, together with OKRA landscape architects.

Curious how we do this?

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