wOnder thinks:

• integrated

We are convinced planning and design is about integration, not separation.

• identity

People need places with a clear identity, to relate to, feel at home and be proud of.

• growing

You don’t build a place, you grow it!

• amazement

Places should not only be beautiful, and also surprising and activate people.


And a bit more elaborated:


Separation is the paradigm of the 20th century. We have to break with that. Separation is a great tool to analyse and gain knowledge. But to make our lives better and our surrounding a better place, we need to integrate, not separate. Creating places that are functionally and economically integrated. Integrated in their community and its context, in space and time. If you do this thoroughly, this will automatically make them sustainable.


Places and areas with a clear and positive identity are more successful, more wanted and loved. We believe defining the identity is a first need for every plan. A true identity is related to place, people and culture, past and future.


Of course, there is a moment you build it. However, if you don’t want to throw your money away, both place and area have to be adaptable. They can only be successful when they facilitate change, can grow into the future. Plus, a good design comes to life already in the community during the planning process, before any stone is laid. Planning and design is all about continuity.


Places should not only be beautiful, but also surprising and activate people. Beauty is an important part of live. It brings joy. We think that besides being beautiful, places should also trigger people. Surprising elements activate you to do something, think and wonder or make contact with others. They refresh you. This makes places truly vibrant, whether they are busy and dynamic or peaceful and tranquil.


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