Who we are


We are devoted to create meaningful places and experiences. Spaces that make people enthusiastic. Events that inspire. Settings that connect people. Situations that are integrated in their context, ingrained in their past and present. That contribute to awareness and a respectful future.


wOnder is founded in 2011 by Hans Oerlemans and Paul Selwyn Norton. They come together in their fascination for people and space. How people relate to each other through space, and how space influences the way people relate to each other.


Hans is a Dutch trained urban designer, town planner and landscape architect. Before starting wOnder, Hans was a founding partner at OKRA landscape architects in The Netherlands for 17 years. He also worked for Peter Walker Partners in the US. While running wOnder, Hans collaborated with various planning, urban design and landscape architectural firms in Australia.

For Hans’s CV, click:  CV Hans Oerlemans


­Paul is a strategic artistry consultant and creative executive. He has worked as a contemporary dancer and choreographer since the early 1990’s. He collaborated with renowned choreographers such as William Forsythe, Ohad Naharin / Batsheva Dance, and Maxine Doyle / Punchdrunk UK. While involved in wOnder, Paul led for many years STRUT Dance, the Choreographic Centre of Australia based in Perth.

For Paul’s CV, click:  CV Paul Selwyn Norton


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