Quality Guides National Landscapes

Practical guidelines for developments in cultural landscapes

The issue

The National Government has defined the core qualities for the national landscapes. They are striking, but not practical. They need to be made useful for daily practice in planning and design.

Our statement

The essence of making the core qualities practical is to analyse sharply what you see, force to grab it in one image, and explain why it looks that way.

Our solution

By forcing ourselves to grab the landscape in one image only, we get to the essence of its appearance. The image is explained in 5 icons and nuanced with sub- areas. Four characteristic story-lines explain the landscapes appearance and values. The ambitions for improving the key qualities are determined. And we create design principles to assist new developments so they can strengthen the core qualities. This all is done in close cooperation with the people of the Province. The result becomes really their guide.

Client: Province of Utrecht
Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Area: 1449 km2
Year: 2009-2010
Status: RatifiedĀ and published
Partners: OKRA landscape architects







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