Nieuwveense Landen (New-Peat Lands)

Master plan for a new multifunctional city district

The issue

The city of Meppel is extending into a sensitive cultural landscape. A district half the size of the current city will be developed in the next 25 years. The plan needs to be respectful to the landscape, well connected with the city and produce a finished result in every phase.

Our statement

In New-Peat Lands everybody will live at a meadow, creating a district where city and landscape slide into each other.

Our solution

The typical cultivation pattern of the landscape is the base for the urban plan. Instead of the usual complete filling, we introduce an alternative civil engineering method. Thus we can retain all ditches, as base for both the urban water system and the development framework. Build-up parcels are alternated with agricultural meadow zones. Three distinct ribbons further elaborate the framework. Large-scale recreational facilities and a finely meshed network of paths join the city to the new district and the landscape.

Client: City of Meppel
Location: Meppel, The Netherlands
Area: 737 ha.
Year: 2003-2005
Status: Ratified
Partners: OKRA landscape architects, Tauw environmental consultants, Goudappel Coffeng traffic engineers


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