Long term development plan for a polder of 10x10km.

The issue

This unique medieval landscape of national cultural importance is gradually consumed by the surrounding cities. The province, three councils and water-board together commissioned a development-plan for the next 20 years.

Our statement

To preserve this extraordinary landscape, a new relation between cities and landscape, between ‘citizens’ and ‘farmers’ is needed.

Our solution

Together with stakeholders and rural communities we have developed a plan that brings cities and landscape in contact again. The cities transform their backsides into green fronts, viewing to the landscape. Recreational networks and rural programs invite the citizens into the landscape, making them allies in the preservation. Each party is made responsible for specific follow-up projects, keeping each other attentive.

Client: Province of Overijssel, with Zwolle City, Kampen City, Zwartewaterland Council, Waterboard Groot Salland
Location: Overijssel, The Netherlands
Area: 99.8 km2
Year: 2001-2003
Status: Ratified
Partners: Dolte Town Planning, OKRA landscape architects


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