Master plan for creating cohesion and value in fragmented urban parklands

The issue

The area around 4 historical fortifications is vastly fragmented by infrastructure, both spatial and in their use. Their value for the city is far below their potential. However, there is no budget for large-scale interventions. The transformation needs to be gradual.

Our statement

To create cohesion and increase use and value, the area needs to be strategically opened up. A network of clever vistas and simple pathways will increase value dramatically.

Our solution

The fortifications are part of the New Dutch Water-defence-line, nominated as UNESCO World Heritage. We use the historical profile of this system to create coherence. The fragments are brought together in four zones with complementing atmospheres and functions. Attacking missing links in the connections creates a vast path-system. Strategic vistas highlight the fortifications to the millions of passers-by, who enter the city here by car or train. The area is turned into a modern city-gate and valuable parkland at the same time.

Client: City of Utrecht
Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Area: 158 ha.
Year: 2006-2008
Status: Ratified
Partners: OKRA landscape architects






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