Limos City Estate

Master plan for the redevelopment of a military base

The issue

A former military base is going to be transformed in a multifunctional urban area. The plan has to combine different forms of dwellings, small-scale workspaces, a variety of urban facilities and a new city park.

Our statement

The people of Limos will all be living and working in a park. The park flows through and around the building blocks, undisturbed by parking and into the adjoining neighbourhood.

Our solution

On the site the landscape slopes down into the city. New building blocks are moved forward, like visitors, adding eyes to the park. The natural slope is used to slide car parking under the blocks. Wooden decks cover the parking, creating semi-public courtyards. The monumental barracks buildings more down the slope are turned into dwellings and workspaces. All have front doors to the park or communal courts. Trees continue in the adjoining streets, connecting the neighbourhood to the park and landscape.

Client: Matser project developing, with City of Nijmegen
Location: Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Area: 14.4 ha. / Park 9 ha.
Year: 2000-2005
Status: Competition winner, Constructed
Budget: € 2.5 million (Park)
Partners: ZZ+P architects, Braaksma&Roos architects, OKRA landscape architects


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