Dom Square Marking

Marking of the 200 year old roman castellum wall

The issue

For 300 years the cathedral square has been the trauma of the city. It is depressing and inhospitable, but the community is incapable to deal with changing it. A process of revealing the 2000-year history of the square should change the citizens’ perception. Marking the roman castellum wall is the first physical intervention, a test case for the whole operation.

Our statement

The mysterious referring to hidden pasts of the marking makes people curious, amazed and keep them intrigued, also when they pass it daily.

Our solution

History is a great inspiration. The original wall lies buried 4 meter below the surface. Its ruins were overgrown by woods in the middle ages. We design the marking with the exact measurements of the wall. Rusty corten steel refers to the soil and woods. The engraving shows map fragments of the boarders of the Roman Empire. Once an hour fog and green light rises from the marking, like a wall in mysterious swamp forest. On special days of the year the colour changes, adding to the festivity and keeping people surprised.

Client: Domplein 2013 Foundation
Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Area: 149 m1
Year: 2006-2010
Status: Competition winner, Constructed
Budget: € 1.1 million
Partners: OKRA landscape architects, Rots Maatwerk


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Dom Square_Project Documentation

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